5 Tips: Remove bed bugs from home

5 Tips: Remove bed bugs from home

Often, after going home from office, we want to relax by going straight to the bed, but if you have a bed on your bed, it can harm you.

Often, after going home from office, we want to relax by going straight to the bed, but if you have a bed on your bed, it can harm you. Along with this, many diseases also start to occur. It is difficult to get rid of bedbugs because they can remain without eating for long. So today we will tell some homemade tips, which you can adopt and keep away from your home.

1. Peppermint is effective for bed bugs

Bedbugs do not tolerate the smell of peppermint. So take some mint leaves and keep it near your bed. If you have small children in your house, then put some mint leaves in their pan. Mint leaves keep bedbugs away. If you want, you can also grind mint leaves and rub it on your body.

2. Remove the bed bugs from cayenne paper

Cayenne paper is the red pepper of the state of Guinea. It is also called bird paper, cow horn paper and aleva. Bedbugs run from it very quickly. You can make powder of these chilies and spray them on bedbugs.

3. Smear lavender smell

Bedbugs cannot bear the smell of lavender. That is why you can rub lavender leaves on bedclothes or sprinkle lavender perfume.

4. Neem oil is rich in anti-microbial properties

Neem oil is extracted from the neem tree. It has many anti microbial properties due to which it is used to keep insects away. You can get Neem oil at any drug store. Do not dilute neem oil. It should be used in its pure form on bedbugs. Sprinkle it on everything in the house and wash the clothes by mixing this oil with detergent. Spray it continuously for one week.

5. Use thyme (celery) in bed bugs

Thyme is a famous Italian herb, which is used to increase the test in food. Thyme does not directly affect bedbugs but its smells cannot bear the bedbugs and they run away. Put the leaves of thyme in a netted bag and leave it on the infected area with bedbugs. It is important to replace the bag leaves with fresh leaves every third day.


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