Why are the Japanese so lean despite eating and drinking everything?

 Why are the Japanese so lean despite eating and drinking everything?

Once again our web is here to bring you another new information that you will be surprised to know so let's start again.

Friends, have you ever wondered why Japanese people are so thin? And how do these people stay so fit? Let us unveil this secret today so that you too can be as smart as them.

* Why are the people of Japan surprisingly lean?

Japan is a country where obesity is much lower than in the rest of the world and where people are very healthy and fit, why this happens and what lifestyle these people have, we will tell you today. ۔


The food of the people of Japan is very different from the rest of the world, they eat a lot of vegetables, pulses and fish, while eating very little is their tradition, which is why they do not eat much oily or fast food. Another major reason for their fitness is that they are given diet guidelines by the government which they must follow.

* Eat on time

People in Japan eat on a regular basis, such as breakfast between 8 and 9 in the morning, eating between 12 and 1 in the afternoon, and eating between 6 and 7 in the evening, while going to bed early is also one of their good habits. Stay lean and fit.

• walking

Walking is a common habit in Japan, even their children go to school either on foot or on bicycles, and people who go to the office travel on foot instead of by car, while traveling by train, etc. Expensive is why these people like to walk. In addition, crime is very low in Japan, so sending children to school on foot or by bicycle alone is not considered dangerous.

* Use of tea

Japan's traditional beverage is green tea instead of milk and sugar tea. These people use only green tea from breakfast to evening tea. This is one of the main reasons why they are lean.

Use of chopsticks

Because chopsticks are used for food in Japan, these people eat food slowly and in small quantities, because chopsticks do not contain large amounts of food and thus these people suffer from obesity. Are saved.

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