9 Tips: Take care of hair in summer

9 Tips: Take care of hair in summer

When we try to get our hair in an attractive style, we use the modern hairstyling products because with the help of them, we can make stylized hairstyles of choice.

Many times the hair of the new hair look has to be damaged by chemical or allergenic products. Apart from this, hair also has to face daily pollution, dust, dirt and sunlight, due to which this damage can increase manifold. Nobody wants to suffer such losses. So if you are using too much on your hair using styling products like dryers, blowers and straighteners, or using gels or alcohol sprays or other dangerous chemical products, be careful and start focusing on extra care of your hair. Give That is why today we will tell you about how to take care of hair with the products of campal.

1. Hair cleaning is important

The basic beginning of care starts with hair cleaning. If you do not wash your hair regularly and do not keep them clean then the roots of the hair will weaken and regular use of hairstyling products will increase hair loss. Apart from this, regular use of deep conditioning will keep your hair healthy. Due to its excessive use of hairstyling products, the hair that looks lifeless and dry will also be safe and nourished.

2. See a dermatologist for hair care

Supplements such as vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin B complex, protein and calcium are good for hair. If your hair is thinning, meet a good dermatologist who can advise you to take the appropriate vitamins.

3. Avoid using dryer to dry hair

It is best to reduce the use of hot air dryers. Instead, squeeze the dripping water from the hair carefully and then wipe it with towels. If you have to use a dryer, then remember that the hot air coming out of the blower falls fast on the hair and in the process, there is a lot of damage to the hair follicles. To avoid this damage, apply soft mousse (a kind of gel) and dry the hair with a dryer. While any mousse is effective in changing hair style, soft mousse also protects hair better.

4. Avoid using alcohol or chemical products

Styling products with alcohol or other harmful chemical substances also cause hair damage. Therefore, avoid using products with such ingredients or use them as little as possible.

5. Use less of hair coloring

The trend of hair coloring has also increased for hair styling, but we should avoid using silicon hair color and alcohol hair color. These can cause problems like dandruff, itching and hair loss.

6. Do Oiling in Hair Instead of Heat Products

Avoid using styling products to heat, iron, or curl your hair. Take care to nourish the hair too. For this, massage your scalp regularly. Use scalp olive oil or coconut oil for scalp and hair massage. With this, the moisture in the hair will return and the dryness of the hair will go away. Applying too much oil is also not good. Applying oil only once a week is sufficient. It is not necessary to keep oil in the hair all night, but only 2-3 hours is sufficient. Do not massage or use too much oil on the hair, because then you have to apply too much shampoo to get rid of the oil and also have a bad effect on the hair.

7. Medical therapies will also be best for hair

Some medical therapies that infuse new energy into scalp are always considered good. For example, stem cell therapy, peptide therapy, LED therapy and rejuvenating orange light therapy. They accelerate hair growth and protect against dandruff and other hair related problems.

8. Use natural conditioner

Use of natural conditioner is also beneficial. Curd, egg albumin, hyena etc. are natural conditioners and are effective in keeping hair healthy. With these, your lifeless and dry hair also gets new life.

9. Use your regular diet

Follow nutritious food, because your hair health also depends on it. In addition to protein-rich foods like eggs, chicken, omega 3 fatty acids and iron-rich things like fish, almonds and walnuts, eat carrots and pulses, which are rich in vitamins and folic acid. These things will keep your hair healthy.

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