#coronavirus: How does corona virus harm by entering the body?

#coronavirus: How does corona virus harm by entering the body?

Corona virus which has forced all of us to live in homes. But all of us are also fighting it together and surely we will overcome it soon. During this time we do not need to panic nor do we need to pay attention to rumors. Therefore, the entire country has been shut down. Today the entire country is together to defeat the corona virus. From time to time, WHO is bringing information related to this to us. In this article, you will know how this virus causes damage to body after it enters the body.

Early symptoms

When the corona virus reaches inside a person's body through the breath, its initial symptoms are very mild, but gradually it takes its terrible form. When Kovid-19 attacks the body, its initial time is called incubation period. Incubation is the time between period infection and symptoms. After entering the body, the virus first attacks the cells around the throat. It then attacks the windpipe and lungs. After coming to this stage, most of the patients start having difficulty in breathing.

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This is how the number of viruses increases

After attacking the windpipe and lungs, this virus slowly starts increasing its numbers here. In such a situation, the corona virus makes itself powerful, so it starts attacking other cells too fast. During this time, the patient starts feeling ill. Signs like fever, cough, body pain, sore throat and headaches are seen when the effect of the virus increases. During this time your body's immune system tries to fight the virus. To eliminate the virus, the body's immune system begins to release a chemical called cytokine. The cough caused by the corona virus is mostly dry cough in which there is no mucus. Some people are also seen complaining of rash during this time.

The body looks swollen

This situation can last for about a week, but the health of people whose immunity system is successful in fighting the virus starts improving within a week.Recently some research has come out in which it has been said that due to corona virus, symptoms of running nose and cold can also be seen, but as the problem increases, it starts taking serious form. During this time, due to the chemicals that are made in the body, the body starts to swell. Sometimes due to this inflammation, serious damage is also done to the body.

A World Health Organization research based on information gathered about 56,000 afflicted people in China suggests that 14 percent of such people have seen such severe symptoms of infection.

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Body effect on body organ

This virus can have a direct effect on the kidney. Let us know that the kidney works to clean the blood, but after coming in critical condition, the kidney stops functioning properly. At the same time, it also affects the intestines present in the body. Due to this virus, the swelling of the body increases so much, many organ of the body fail, due to which the death of human can also happen. Therefore, it is good that this virus should not be allowed to enter the body, take precautions and be safe.

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