How to make food healthy

How to make food healthy

If you make this instant snack, you will get health as well as taste ...

The trend of ready-to-cook snacks and food has increased a lot these days. Talk about breakfast, snacks or any time-eating snacks like sealed packets of idli, dosa, bada, upma, dhokla, dumplings, theplas etc. are easily available in the market. Add water or curd as directed on the packet and make the desired snack. Similarly, to make porridge etc., put milk in oats, cornflakes, muesli etc. and ready immediately. That is to say, there are mainly 2 types of things available in the market. One in which milk or curd etc. are prepared after cooking for a few minutes, and the other ones in which milk is mixed and ready to eat. Let us know how to increase the nutritional value of both these things:

Use moong bhajiya flour , thalipeet flour differently

Well, according to the name, moong bhajiya is prepared by putting onions, potatoes in flour, but such vegetables like spinach, jackfruit etc. which are not eaten at home, also make pakoras, boondas, with the help of bhaji flour. Make cheela Finely chop or grind many vegetables and mix in the solution. Sprinkle coriander leaves from above. Add grated paneer. Good and nutritious cheela is ready.

If you do not want to eat fried pakoras or boondas then prepare appas. Appa will be prepared in very less oil. Similarly, grate ghee, capsicum, finely chopped mint leaves, spinach, and grate them in a plate of flour.


Nowadays people have become very aware of health. Therefore, the use of oats which is known as oats in Hindi has increased considerably. But most people eat only by adding oats to milk.

How to increase nutrition

Roast the oats slightly before adding milk. Cut into small cubes and add seasonal fruits. Garnish with pomegranate seeds. Add sugar instead of sugar. Adding fruits with iron-rich honey also increases the nutritional value of oats by leaps and bounds.

Oats uttapam, pancake, idli dosa

If you want to make uttapam, idli, pancake, dosa, etc., then lightly roast the oats and make powder in a grinder. If you want to make idli then add some semolina to it. If you want to make uttapam then add rice flour. Great delicious and nutritious breakfast is ready.

Even if you want to make a ready-to-cook upma, add oats powder to it, as well as finely chopped capsicum, carrots, onions etc. Upma will also be nutritious with this. Similarly, packets of Masala Oats are also available in the market. Mix paneer in it and fill it in paranthas and bake it. The children will not even know and they will get full nutrition.

Nowadays, cornflax dry fruits, oats and muesli mixed with oats are also available in the market. Mixing finely chopped apples in it will give rich nutrition.

Also mix fruits with cornflakes

Cornflax also falls under the category of Ready to eat. If you mix the seasonal fruits along with the milk, the flavor will increase and also the nutritiousness. What to say if you add banana and pomegranate. Banana is found in plenty of potassium, then pomegranate is rich in iron and it relieves stomach problems.

Cornflax is not only used for sweeteners, but also for coating on cutlets. Apart from this, serve a chaat by adding a little onion, tomato, capsicum, curd and chutney to the cornflakes.

Sugar, iron, vitamins, etc. are found in plenty in the crunchy flakes of the crunchy texture. Dietician believes that fiber is also found in plenty in it. Keep in mind that this should be consumed once a day, because the amount of sugar present in it can increase weight.

Use Musli like this

There are many types of flavors available in the market of muesli. Along with adding it to the milk, use it also to make an energy bar. Add a little muesli to any sweet dish. Taste will increase. If you add honey or palm sugar instead of sugar in the energy bar, iron will also be found.

Try to combine the vegetable with dhokla bada powder

Dhokla mixture is easily available in the market. To increase the nutritional value of this, saute the vegetables like cabbage, carrots, beans etc. finely and then put them in the Dhokla mixture and cook. Children do not like to eat spinach or any other green vegetable. So grind a little spinach leaves, peanuts, amla, garlic etc. and prepare the chutney. Put spinach sauce in the middle of the prepared dhokla and increase its nutritional value.

Mix protein and healthy things

Amla is rich in vitamin C, which increases immunity. Bada powders do not just make big ones, big flour also contains pulses, which are full of protein. Blanch all the vegetables lightly and mix them with boiled potatoes and make small balls. Dip deep in big flour solution and deep fry. Delicious and nutritious pakoras are ready.

Try to mix vegetable in every food

To increase the nutritional value of everything, add finely chopped fresh vegetables and fruits etc. Dietician Shilpa Jain says that everything prepared immediately can not be considered completely healthy, because it contains preservatives. So avoid excess of everything. Use only 2-3 times a week. Well, keep some things at home, which we call pre mix. For example, roast semolina and keep it tempering. Fry the vermicelli, porridge in the house so that nutritiousness can be attained in a short time.

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