Lemon is best for kitchen cleaning

Lemon is best for kitchen cleaning

Today we will tell you some tips on how to clean house and kitchen with lemon.

Lemon is used a lot in food because of its peppery and sour taste. But due to its special properties, it is used to enhance beauty and also in cleaning the house. That is why today we will tell you some tips on how to clean the house and kitchen with lemon. Come, learn about 7 such lemon remedies that brighten every corner of your house.

1. To clean the microwave

Cut lemon pieces in a cup of water and keep it in the microwave to heat up for 15 minutes. After that remove it and clean the microwave with a kitchen towel. It will be a new thing once again.

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2. To remove odor from the litter box

Add lemon juice to it and then wash it with cold water.

3. Vegetable cutting chopping board for cleaning

To remove stains of fruit and vegetable from the chopping board of vegetable cutting, rubbing a piece of lemon on it will remove both the stain and the smell of the vegetable.

4. To remove stains from clothes

Rub a piece of lemon on that stain and then wash and dry it in the sun. The stain will disappear.

5. For stains in steel taps

Lemon is also very useful in removing stains in the steel faucet in the bathroom.

6. To clean the sink

Make a thick paste by squeezing the lemon in salt and mixing it with soap solution and cleaning the sink.

7. To clean the window , door

You can clean the glass of windows, glass doors and even the glasses of your car with the help of lemon.


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