Why toys are special

Why toys are special

Toys not only increase children's thinking ability, but also inspire them to do something new.

Toys not only increase children's thinking ability, but also inspire them to do something new. Find out which toys are helpful:

Telephone game

The child is very happy to find his toy telephone with him. His happiness can be gauged by the smile on his face. It is not only a medium of entertainment for him, but he also tries to recognize the numbers through this and it seems to understand that ringing slowly means picking up the phone and talking. He also tries to talk to his parents in lieu of his toy phone, which makes him understand that he can talk to anyone through the phone.

Tea set

When the mother brings tea in front of the guests in the house, the child also thinks that he would be able to do it too. In such a situation, where the tea set teaches children a new game, they also make false tea served in the tea set for the mother and other members of the house, which helps them to play the mother's work in the game.

Medical kit

Children love playing doctor, because when their parents take them to the doctor when they are ill, then the doctor checks them and gives them medicine as well as injections so that they get well soon. Seeing this, there is a desire in the minds of children to do the same. They give medicine from their medical kit and apply injections after getting sick from their false lie. They also try to make them feel while applying injections that it will not hurt them, but they will get better soon. That is, through this they get an understanding of the things kept in the medical kit.


Children do not like to learn anything forcefully, instead they want to learn in a different way so that they can also learn and get fun along with it. In such a situation, they know about the continued numbers of the smartphone and also try to identify the different sound emanating from them, which works to increase their imagination.

Musical games

The child only recognizes the mother's touch after birth, but slowly starts recognizing the touch and voices of every member of the family. Just like this, one also learns to identify different voices from musical games. Hearing music smiles on his face. In this way, toys play an important role in children's development.

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