OPPO advises its users to fight pandemic CoVID-19

OPPO advises its users to fight pandemic CoVID-19

It is a nightmare in which everyone is living in the country right now. Everyone is trying their best to fight it. For the past five years as a responsible brand in the country, the OPPO last week pledged $ 6.2 million to the PKR in the Prime Minister's Relief Fund for COVID-19.

In an effort to clear the corona virus secrets and empower the public with the right information needed to control the spread of the disease, OPPO launched a social awareness campaign on communities to educate communities about the coronary virus They can be educated on a priority basis and help them cope effectively with the virus.

Through this campaign, people will not only be able to understand the implications of the disease but also be equipped to protect themselves from the virus. Information about the symptoms, precautions, and treatment of the Corona virus was transmitted through all their digital media platforms. Hashtags like #OPPOSSandsWith You and #StayHomeStaySafe are being used to spread awareness of this goal. Being a smartphone company, OPPO has also given complete instructions on how to do phone sterilization on our social media as our phones carry more germs.

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