How to protect your children from obesity

How to protect your children from obesity

There are many reasons for increasing obesity in children, but most of these problems can also be due to neglect or negligence of parents.

There are many reasons for increasing obesity in children, but most of these problems can also be due to neglect or negligence of parents. That is why today we will tell you about the reason of obesity in children and how to keep children away from this disease.

Why so much obesity?

- Due to the way that children are becoming obese all over the world, they may also have a reason for their jeans and hormones, that is, they are inheriting obesity. But the percentage of this reason is very low.

- The main reason of obesity is wrong eating habits in children. Children eat a lot and do little exercise.

- Employed parents have neither time nor power to cook food. As a result, they are becoming dependent on fast food.

Today, fastfood restaurants are being opened everywhere in the world. A study has shown that one-third of 4 to 19-year-old children in America live on fast food every day. This type of food has a lot of sugar and smoothness. Also, they are served in such large quantities that the saliva of the watchers starts dripping.

Today, people prefer drinking soft drinks instead of milk and water. For example, every year in Mexico people do not spend as much money on 10 types of dishes as they only spend on softdrinks. By drinking only 600 milliliters of soft drink every day, a person's weight can increase by about 11 kg in a year.

According to the study, on an average, 3-year-old children spend only 20 minutes every day in sports or any kind of physical activity. The habit of sitting and working in children is becoming common, due to which obesity is doing at home in the body.

  What to do to get rid of obesity

- Instead of feeding children fast food, feed more fruits, salads and vegetables.

- Stop soft drinks, syrup and more sweet and greasy breakfast. Instead of this, give children water or creamy milk and nutritious breakfast.

Follow such methods of cooking, in which the use of gheitel is not much, such as bake, roast or cook in steam. Learn new recipes and create more taste in food. Children eating a vegetable like that are bored.

Serve less. Chew the food and give it to the children to eat slowly and eat 2 morsels of hunger.

- Do not give food items to children in the name of getting some work done and rewarding them.

- Eat and eat together. By eating in front of TV or computer, a person does not know how much he has eaten.

- Promote exercise, such as cycling, ball playing and rope jumping.

- Do not allow to watch TV for long time, use computer or play video games.

- Make plans for the whole family to hang out somewhere, such as visiting the zoo, playing in the park or going for swimming.

- Set a good example of eating good and exercising in front of children.

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