If you are troubled by black and rough lips, do this work for Pink Lips

If you are troubled by black and rough lips, do this work for Pink Lips.

Pink and soft lips are the desire of every girl, but due to hot air and strong sunlight in summer, lips become black and dry. So, let's know how to take care of lips in this season.

The problem of dry and black lips occurs in almost every woman during the summer season. For some, keeping lip balm is as important as a wallet. Because there are no oil glands on the lips nor do they have hair to protect them from the environment. This is the reason that lips become dry quickly and turn black due to sunlight.

In such a situation, these 10 tips for caring for your lips during the summer season:

1. Lip moisture

Providing adequate moisture is most important for the skin. The body needs water in every season to retain sufficient moisture in the skin and lips. Especially in summer, so drink water in this season.

2. Overcome the tongue

Repeatedly turning the tongue on the lips, the lips become dry or their skin starts pulling. Moisture is then required to keep lips soft and moist. So leave the habit of moving the tongue on the lips.

3. Include Vitamin B in the diet

Not taking enough vitamin B is not only affecting your digestive system, but it also affects the health of your lips. The edges of the lips and the corners of the mouth become dry and burst. Lack of vitamin B also causes ulcer in the mouth. In such a situation, take enough vitamin B to keep lips healthy in winter.

4. Do not smoke

Smoking makes the lips black and dry, so stop smoking immediately for the pink tinge of lips. Cigarette smokers have black lips.

For those who have thin lips and want to grow in them, dermal filler juvederm is the best and effective option. When it is applied to the lips, the hyaluronic acid-based filler gives rise to the lips. Hydrophilic gels also increase moisture in the lips and provide moisture to dry and chapped lips. The effect of this remains for 6 to 9 months.

5. Protection from UV rays

The lip color fades when exposed to the sun's UV rays. In this case, like the skin, the lips also need to be protected from UV rays. To prevent lips from getting dry and dark, use a balm or gel that gives protection from the sun's UV rays.

6. lipstick suitable for summer

If you apply lipstick, buy lipstick that also has a good amount of moisturizer. Never slept using lipstick. Before sleeping, definitely remove it and apply a good moisturizing lip balm. Do not apply a balm that contains glycerin, alcohol, chemical ingredients or ratinol.

7. The lips also need scrubbing

Improve lips tone….

If you want to keep your lips from becoming black, then use lemon. Lemon contains natural bleach, due to which the spots of lips become light easily.

Use beetroot and rose water to give pink color to lips, keep them cool, moisturize and exfoliate.

You can also apply a few drops of rose water to the lips after mixing it with honey. To nourish and moisturize your lips, you can also massage these with olive oil.

To make lips naturally pink, mash a few drops of pomegranate juice on the lips. Mix water and cream in pomegranate juice and apply it on the lips.

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