Keep in mind the natives

Keep in mind the natives

If you think that writing or doing anything on the Internet does not affect your image, then definitely know this ...

The term natiksat is made up of nat and etiquette and it means following the rules of online behavior. Just as it is necessary to follow the etiquettes in real life, you may also get into trouble due to not following the etiquette, online etiquette. By following these rules, you can enjoy your online time more thoroughly.

According to a recent digital report, we spend about 6 hours 42 minutes online every day. We are busy in chatting on our smartphone, laptop, taking games, taking photos, sharing them and much more. When it is so online, it is natural for us to be busy with online things. There may be many people who do not know the dramatics and are making many mistakes. These tips are for them only:

- When you are talking online, take care of your language. Do not think that no one is watching you, then you can use any language.

- Do not drag the thing long. That means talk important. Avoid wasteful, boring conversations.

- Have comments for email, chat, text or social media posts, read everything once before pressing the sand button.

- Do not use capitals while typing. The feeling of shouting comes from this. For example, if you want to write Never, then do not write it in the capital. This gives a loud speaking feeling and it starts insulating. You will not like to shout at someone on the Net or sitting in front of him in real life.

- Check the subject line while sending email. This is important for work-related mails, because if you write hi in the subject line, it may not be able to get an incident and leave it to be seen later.

- Neither share nor post any private photos or conversations. This can spoil your relationship with someone.

- Take care of speed in the online world. Answer emails and messages on time, even if you are not a topical agent, but within a week, please reply. Do not ignore.

- Do not send frequent mails to anyone. Do not force anyone to read your mails. This is rude.

- Do share but avoid sharing every little detail of your personal life.

- Do not gossip, do not tell the stories of those things which you do not fully believe are true, and sometimes if you know any truth then it is not necessary that you share it.

No matter how much you need, do not steal photos from the web. May be their copyright and someone has put a lot of effort and time on it. Take permission and also give credit.

- Keep comments small, keep your words clear and post during online discussion.

- Before thinking of someone's friend request, think carefully. Unfinding after adding to the friend list is insulating.

Do not unfrand until the relationship becomes very bad.

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