When to remove grass from the garden

When to remove grass from the garden

If a lot of grass has grown in the garden of your house and you cut it every time but to no avail, follow these tips.

If a lot of grass has grown in the garden of your home and you cut it every time but to no avail and it grows again. In such a situation, you should adopt some such methods, which will eliminate that grass from the root. The roots of these grasses are very strong, even after pulling them, they do not end and come out again.

If you adopt some home remedies then these grasses can be eradicated, otherwise your garden plants of these grasses can be damaged and many times pets chew them which causes them damage.

1. Vinegar

If you use domestic vinegar to eliminate these grasses, then this grass will be destroyed from the root. For this, take water in a mug, put a cup of vinegar in it and put it after weeding out the grass. After this the grass will not come out. Even after doing this twice, weed will be removed from there.

2. Salt

If grass grows near a plant, put salt in its roots to remove it, it will melt its roots and remove that grass automatically.

3. Bleach

You can also use bleach to remove grass. For this, you should put the bleach in the powder form in the roots of the grass, the roots are cut automatically and the grass dries up.

4. Baking Soda

Put baking soda on the grass. Putting it will scorch the grass and the soil of your garden will not get any damage. One should always sprinkle baking soda on the grass that grows in summer.

5. Alcohol

Add that alcohol to remove the grass, it will scorch it completely and will not flourish again.

6. Corn gluten miles

If you want to remove grass from your garden forever, then you should use corn gluten. This makes the lawn weed free.

7. Newspaper

You may feel a bit strange, but it is true that if you want to remove the grass from your garden, then fold the newspaper and make a thick layer and keep it on the grass. This will not cause light synthesis in it and it will dry up.

8. Ground Plants

The ground cover plant keeps the soil fertile and also removes the grass. It cuts grass roots.

9. Hot water

Boil the water thoroughly and pour the boiling water over the grass. This will automatically remove the grass of your lawn.

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