Driving became easier for women

Driving became easier for women

There is a car passion and need for modern women today. Auto companies are also offering features for women according to their thinking ...

Many people believe that women are not particularly interested in cars. They neither show enthusiasm in driving nor buying.

If a woman is driving, then people do not miss commenting on it. Actually, it remains in people's minds that women cannot be good drivers. They do not understand cars. But on the other hand, the crowd of women who had gathered at AutoExpo's pavilion were denying this. Perhaps people forget that women can not only drive cars but can also run airplanes. Female cab drivers are the biggest example of this. Of course, now the time has changed that women also buy cars and also run well.

Cars are not only a working woman, but also a part of the life of a housewife. Whether it is to go to the office or to leave the children to school, women do not know how to do their work on their own, without being a deputy.

Here, the number of women drivers has also increased for some years and car makers companies also understand this. That is why companies have created women friendly cars keeping women in mind.

Come, let us know about the cars that are made for women and which were also discussed in the Auto Expo:

1. Focus on automatic gear boxes

Maruti Celerio, Hyundai's Creta, Verna and Toyota's Innova have automatic gearbox systems that make driving much easier. This gear box system is becoming very popular among women. Especially for working women, now this system has made the daily office ride quite easy. At the same time, car enthusiasts in metro cities are now liking cars with automatic gear boxes.

2. Bluetooth Stereo System

How can it not be enjoyed music with the ride. Bluetooth stereo system is very much liked by women. In the starting category Maruti Alto and Ignis, you will get the facility of stereo system with Bluetooth. With favorite music, your journey will become even happier.

3. Rear parking camera and automatic wipers

When it rains and the raindrops fall on the wind screen, the wipers start moving themselves. Also, the rear parking camera is needed by almost every female driver today. Driving is as much fun as driving. To clear the wind screen repeatedly during rainy season and to manually remove the wipers is no less of a hassle. Automatic wipers are quite convenient in such a situation.

4. Cruise Control Technology

Nowadays cruise control technology is being used in cars. Due to this technology, the engine itself controls the speed. Because of this, the connection between the accelerator and the clutch remains. Now cruise control has also come in Sea Sagamant cars. This facility is also available in Tata's Ultros, Naxon, HBX, Kia's Saltos, Hyundai's Ora, Creta and Maruti Ignis.

These cars have made the driving of women quite easy. Women are now showing interest in buying and driving cars. In the pavilion of 'Auto Expo-2020', women and vehicles made for them were themselves testifying to this fact.

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