#coronavirus: How to make sanitizer at home with these 5 things

#coronavirus: How to make sanitizer at home with these 5 things

The germs of the corona are not in the air, but on objects. Corona germs are kept on any object for a full 12 hours. Because of which you need to be very careful.

We all know that the panic of corona virus is prevalent all over the world. It is an infection that spreads by touching or coming in contact with the victim. In this situation, instead of being afraid or nervous, some precautions need to be kept in mind.

The germs of the corona are not in the air, but on objects. Corona germs are kept on any object for a full 12 hours. Because of which you need to be very careful.

The effect of corona germs lasts for 10 minutes on your hands. In such a situation, wash hands after every 1 hour and after 15 minutes, sanitize the hands.

It was just a few days ago that I went to the market to get a sanitizer. I went to many medical stores and I could not find the brand I wanted anywhere and the sanitizer I was getting was also priced from Rs 500 to 600.

Anyway, taking advantage of the fear of the people, many companies are supplying in the duplicate sanitizer market. There is no benefit from using a duplicate sanitizer. It is important that we make sanitizer at home. It will be very economical and not less than a branded sanitizer. Today, we will know how to make original sanitizer like market at home-

we need-

1-rubbing alchohol -100 ml

Rubbing alcohol- This is easily available at any medical shop. It does not come very expensive. Rubbing alcohol is used to make sanitizer because we do not need separate soap and water for its use. Rubbing alcohol gets blown away by exposure to air and our hands dry well and we do not need to wipe with a napkin separately.

2-aloe vera gel-50 ml

Aloe vera gel - Friends, everyone should plant Aloe Vera in their homes. Aloe vera is a repository of properties. Aloe vera is used in many things. Aloe vera has properties of freezing and killing bacteria.

3- Essential oil (almond oil or peppermint oil, or sand wood oil) - 5 to 6 drops

4-dettol liquid - 1/2 spoon

5 - Glycerin - 1/2 spoon (optional)

Method of preparation

1- First cut the aloe vera leaves with a knife and gently rub it with a spoon and take it out in a bowl. Remember, it is not scratchy or else the whole pulp of aloe vera will come out. After taking out half a cup of aloe vera gel, beat it well with a spoon. There should not be any kernels.

2- If aloe vera leaves are not easily available in your house, then you can use the brand of aloe vera gel which you trust. It remains safe so that your sanitizer will not be spoiled at all.

3-If you use any ingredient, use them by majoring them. If you are using rubbing alcohol, then take the same amount which contains up to 70% alcohol. Alcohol is very hard if you do it without aloe vera, then it will retail your hand and you can get rashes too. Therefore, to make the hands soft and smooth, we will add aloe vera gel.

4-Take care of one thing and if you are going to use 100% alcohol, then definitely put 50% mineral water in it.

5-Now take 100 ml rubbing alchohol in a clean bowl. Add 50 ml aloe vera gel to it. Then mix well with a spoon. Now you can add 5 to 6 drops of essential oil for fragrance. Such as almond oil or peppermint oil or sandwood oil. If you do not have this oil, you can use any fragrant oil. You can also add vitamin E capsules. It is very easy to find in the market.

6- If you are using readymade aloe vera gel, allredi contains many essential oils. Then you do not need to add essential oil separately. Friends, remember one thing that we do not have to use any water in it at all and the oil droplets that we have added to it will not spoil it at all. If you want It can also add ½ tsp glycerin. It is optional.

7-Now add a teaspoon of dettol to it and mix well.

8-ready hand sanitizer like market. Friends, fill this hand sanitizer in a spray bottle with the help of funnel.

You should use this hand sanitizer 4 to 5 times a day. If you want, keep it in your children's school bag so that children always use hand sanitizer before eating.

Do not apply one thing and empty it on your palms. Apply it back and forth between your palm, between fingers and fingernails because most of the germs are in the nails.

Friends, this is a good habit. Follow it and drive Corona away.

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