When And How Does Menstruation Begin? What Are The Symptoms Of Menstruation

When And How Does Menstruation Begin? What Are The Symptoms Of Menstruation

Girls usually get nervous when blood comes out on the first day of menstruation. The main reason for this is that they have not got education about it from their mother, sister-in-law or elder sister in advance that this day will also come in front of them. So there is no need to panic, because this day comes in every woman's life and is regular till the age of 45 years. This change is natural and natural. Without this, a woman cannot become a mother. She cannot have physical development and most importantly, she does not have the full qualities of femininity.

Therefore, every older woman, who is stepping on the threshold of puberty in her home, should be informed about the physical changes from time to time in advance, so that there is no fear in her mind at that time.

There is no pure blood at the beginning of menstruation, but a type of lymph secretion. A few days later the bleeding starts. Menstruation remains irregular at the beginning, but there is nothing to worry about. There are two holes up and down in the genitals of women. The small pore above is the urinary tract. The bottom hole is slightly larger. Bleeding occurs in this hole during menstruation. After marriage, a man performs sexual intercourse on this route and after being pregnant, after 9 months, the child is also born through the same path.

The bleeding that occurs every month comes out from a membrane that is attached to the uterus. This blood is different from the blood of the body. It is slightly thicker and darker in color. Menstruation stops at the stage of conception. At the time of menstruation, teenage girls are initially somewhat disturbed, but after some time they become addicted to it. Laziness prevails in girls during this period. But they should avoid it. These days, spicy dishes and oily foods should not be consumed.

These days, the intensity of sexual arousal increases in them. But they should avoid falling prey to any bad habit. Keep your mind entertained. Should be engaged in studies or any creative work. During this puberty, the boom of puberty takes place in the body of adolescent girls, so this is also the period of grooming and grooming and this is also the period of deterioration and destruction. Therefore, in other creative works of the boom of youth, which open the doors of the golden life to come in the future.

Therefore, at this age, the entire composition process of the female body should be given complete information about the state of conception, childbirth, etc. and also the ill effects of any wrongdoing, so that they are not inclined to take any wrong step. To be able to understand their own good and evil. Because they will be mindful of the consequences of wrongdoing. Men and women who encourage bad habits should be cautious and tell them clearly that we are not ignorant.

These days, acne, acne, nail, freckles etc. emerge on the face due to which the body develops rapidly in this stage. And many physical, mental imbalances arise. Hormonal changes start happening in the body. The excitement is at its peak. Different kinds of dreams, fantasies, feelings, curiosities, problems arise in the mind. But she is unable to say these things to anyone.

By suppressing these emotions, curiosities, sensations of sexual arousal, the glands of the body, especially oily glands, become more agitated and release more oil. Dust, dirt particles stick to the oily skin and cause various disorders. As a result, pimples, acne, nail, freckles etc. appear on the face. In such a situation, plain food, green vegetables, fruits and cold beverages should be taken in more quantity. Garlic fried chili-spice food and hot beverages should be stopped and the oily layer of the face should be washed with soap several times a day, and this reduces their strength.

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